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The Experience Experts of VI Exotic Watersports 


About Us

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Inspired after visiting some of the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world, our team at VI Exotic Watersports knew that the Virgin Islands was a perfect fit for a new and  exciting experience offering—Jetcars. 


Our JetCars take the power and maneuverability of a jet ski and combine it with the look, feel  and familiar controls of a sports car. The result is a high-energy, sun-soaked, open water, once in-a-lifetime experience. 


Our oceanfront rental facilities in St. Croix are delighted to serve: cruise ship guests, Virgin Island vacationers, corporate retreaters, families, couples… Jetcars are truly for everyone!  

The VI Exotic Watersports team are experience connoisseurs and are proud to be the exclusive Virgin Island’s distributor of the best Jetcars on the planet. Having the best products isn’t enough though. We’re also committed to first-class service that facilitates an adventure perfect for capturing memories and living your best vacation life. 


4-cylinder, 4-stroke 1.8-liter high output Yamaha Marine engines, capable of catapulting the boat up to 96 kilometers per hour.

Each JetCar has headlights, taillights, navigation/stern lights, windshield wipers, and a Bluetooth radio system connected to four 6-inch premium speakers.

Our JetCars can accommodate 2 people with weight restrictions of

350-400 pounds. 

 We will be providing life jackets to wear. Please be mindful of the weather when reserving your JetCar. 

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